SMART Four Arms tunnel in Brussels

Tein technology is proud to be part of the renovation of the Four Arms tunnel.

This tunnel, on the border of the Flemish and Brussels region, underwent a total renovation in the past years.

Tein technology delivered lots of technologies: network, CCTV, Automated Incident Detection, the voice emergency solution and last but not least, the integration of all these technologies in the central management platform that resides at the Flemish tunnel centre (XamControl).

This video shows the latest installation of the Four Arms tunnel that was integrated inside the management platform.

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S-LIM: turning Limburg into a smart datahub – the first of its kind


Tein Technology wins tender to implement control room solutions

The Limburg province government has high ambitions: with the S-LIM programme, they plan on turning Limburg into a comprehensive smart datahub, making the province the first Smart Region in Belgium. Having won a tender for a key segment of this project, Tein Technology is proud to be a part of this ambitious enterprise.


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Tein Technology delivers a new video management system for the ports of Ghent and Zeebrugge


An impeccable delivery with outstanding results

A system in need of an upgrade

As the video management system previously used in the ports of Zeebrugge and Ghent was outdated, a migration to a new system was scheduled.


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Safer and smarter shipping in the Netherlands


Tein Technology renews the Rijkswaterstaat AIS inland data collection system – with no downtime

Rijkswaterstaat is the government organization that manages Dutch waterways and their infrastructure. To do so, it uses a digital system that was originally developed to provide information to maritime traffic posts. That information was then used to enrich radar imagery and improve vessel traffic.


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