Tunnels de Cointe in Liège : a new high-security emergency telephone system, developed and installed by Tein Technology


Experiencing car trouble in one of the 2 Tunnels making the link between the highways E40 & E25 in Liege? Then it’s good to know you can always – and we mean, always – rely on the emergency telephones throughout the tunnel. These telephones will immediately connect you to the control room (Tilleuls Center), where experienced operators will find a solution to your problem.

Replacing a conventional telephone system with a redundant VOIP system

The telephones are directly connected to the main control room, where a smart system of cameras and other tunnel management technology are used to guarantee safety inside the tunnels. This hub detects any problem in the tunnel and acts quickly to resolve it. Tein Technology developed specific and specialized software for this project, as the network needs to interact with other communication and security systems, such as emergency services. 


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Hydroelectric stations of Plate Taille & Eau d'Heure now fully secured by Tein Technology


The “La Plate Taille” and the “Eau d’Heure” hydroelectric power stations at the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure have become a landmark in the region. This high-end power plant provides green energy for households and companies throughout the Walloon area. It’s the second largest Belgian hydroelectric power station and can generate one seventh of a nuclear reactor’s energy capacity (140MW), or the output of over 60 wind turbines. The S.P.W. (Public Service of Wallonia) in charge of the infrastructure decided to install a new innovative and comprehensive security system (CCTV, Access control, intrusion detection).

Tein Technology: implementing innovative security systems

For this specific project, our teams installed a unique platform, integrating CCTV, intrusion detection and access management in a single user-friendly software system.


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Emergency phones in the Brussels tunnel network: Tein Technology puts safety first


Driving through the Brussels tunnel network has become safer, after local government entrusted Tein Technology with the renewal of the underground emergency telephone network. Whenever drivers encounter problems in one of the tunnels, they will be able to easily reach the control centre through one of the many emergency telephones available. Each and every one of these has been thoroughly upgraded, guaranteeing maximum uptime and flawless connection even in case of the worst calamities.

A system designed for maximum safety

A new Voice-over-IP telephone network was installed, and more than 500 telephones were replaced with smart analogue devices. Several functionalities were tailored to the client’s needs and special software was integrated to monitor each telephone’s functionality.


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Tein Technology extends scope of Kenya assignment: building management system expansion


Tein Technology extends scope of Kenya assignment: building management system expansion

In early 2018, Tein Technology set up a state-of-the-art building management system in Kenya. The project was carried out in close cooperation with our partner Soulco, and provided the Kenyan government with an easy-to-use yet powerful monitoring system for their technical sites nationwide.

15 additional sites with surveillance

The project was completed to the full satisfaction of all parties involved. We’re pleased to announce that Soulco requested our teams to further expand the building management system already in place, with 15 additional sites in various locations throughout the country.


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